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Medical-Journals.com understands that journal searches can be a time consuming and complex task. With that in mind, we have categorised journals by speciality and their primary continent/country of origin. Some journals will be listed under more than one category due to overlapping of subject matter. We will eventually link all online medical journals from every corner of the world.

Not all medical journals provide their entire text free. Some journals are free for a limited period only. But most publishers offer abstracts or summaries of articles under each issue. Free sample copies are also offered by some. Occasionally, you might need to download relevant software when a journal is not originally published in English. A number of journals provide their online text in more than one language.

How to find a journal?

  • first, resgister yourself and obtain a username & password
  • move cursor over JOURNALS on top bar, then choose journals by their country of origin, eg,UK, Europe etc and see journals listed by speciality

How to find an editorial?

  • first,register yourself and obtain a username & password
  • click EDITORIALS ONLINETM on top bar and you'll be taken to current editorial page
  • then, click on PAST ISSUES to find archived editorial since 2001 from eleven leading journals

How to find medico-legal information?

  • first,register yourself and obtain a username & password
  • click MEDICAL LAW on top bar or 'Previous Headlines' at the bottom of Medico-Legal list on HOME page
Want to search the entire site?
  • enter your criteria in customised Google search box and click Search


Editorials Online™ tracks medical editorials since 2001 from eleven leading medical journals; this is the world's first online archive purely dedicated to medical editorials.

Medical Law lists medico-legal journals, links to important regulatory law pages, previous UK judgments including NHS disciplinary issues and clinical negligence cases,medico-legal commentaries and law reports.

Our News section lists a variety of newespapers and news websites from all over the world. Classifieds page will feature a wide range of advertisements including jobs, conferences, educational courses, and other items of general interest to our viewers - so let us know what is brewing and Medical-Journals.comwill consider putting it up.

If we have missed adding a relevant URL (web address), whether it is a free medical journal or not, please let us know by Email. As we progress we will provide free online Forums, so you can exchange views and debate on medical issues. Any comments, whether they be critical or complimentary, will be most welcome.



The content of this site is for information & educational purposes only. We do not in any way encourage you to make a self-diagnosis based upon the information on this site or any material which you may access through this site. Any information on this site, or accessed via  this site is not a substitute for proper individually tailored medical advice and/or treatment. We do not accept any legal responsibility for any damage or loss as a result of placing undue reliance upon the information on this site, or material accessed via this site. Neither Medical-Journals.com nor would anyone associated with it accept liability for any loss or damage as a result of downloading any software/online product from another site. We will not be liable for the views & opinions expressed in any website accessed via Medical-Journals.com.