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Welcome to Medical-Journals.com

Since year 2000 we have been linking to medical journals from all over the world. Our uniquely arranged database lists both free and subscriber-only journals. Additionally, we archive the following: editorials from eleven leading journals, selected research papers, medico-legal articles and judgments from UK courts. Medical-Journals.com is UK based and not affiliated to any specific journal publisher. We have thousands of registered users. You can also find us by visiting www.medicaljournals.co.uk .To find out about all of the services we provide and how to find the information you need, please >> Read More



New  Parent-mediated Social Communication Therapy for Young Children with Autism (PACT) FT


New  Tumoral Calcinosis in Chronic Renal Failure FT

New British Journal of Psychiatry--September Highlights FT


Dermatology--Clinicopathological Cases FT


Post-Gastric Bypass Hypolgycaemia-A Review FT


Extending Aromatase-Inhibitor Adjuvant Therapy to 10 Years FT


British Journal of Psychiatry--May 2016 Highlights FT


Cutaneous Larva Migrans FT


British Journal of Psych--March 16 Highlights FT


British Journal of Psych--January 16 Highlights FT

General Headlines 2002-2015






New Justice for Health Ltd v SoS for Health & Others--judicial review against the introduction of new junior doctor contract fails--High Court Judgment(28.9.16)


New Dr DB v GMC--disclosure of an expert report to former patient under DPA,privacy & professional reputation, need to conduct the balancing exercise, unlawful compliance with request--High Court Judgment (23.9.16)


New  Dr El-Huseini v GMC--appeal against 12-month suspension, appeal out of time--High Court Judgment(23.9.16)

National Aids Trust v NHS Commissioning Board (NHS England) & Others -- refusal to commission anti-retroviral drug for prevention of AIDS,PrEP,NHS Services Act 2006,application for judicial review succeeds--High Court Judgment (02.8.16)


Wright v Barts Health NHS Trust--fall through a skylight,outcome would have been better if competently treated, negligence claim following initial compromise,liabilty for the whole loss,application for striking out/summary judgment fails--High Court Judgment (26.7.16)


Raggett(deceased) v Kings College Foundation Trust & Others--failure to diagnose vascular cause for pain leading to above knee amputation, negligence--High Court Judgment(01.7.16)


Devonport v Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust--psoas abscess following radical hysterctomy, nephrectomy,alleged negligence,claim fails--High Court Judgment (13.7.16)

Dr Johnson-Ogbuneke v GMC--appeal against erasure fails--High Court Judgment(28.6.16)

S(a child) v NHS England--narcolepsy,refusal to fund sodium oxybate, IFR policy,order to fund treatment for trial period--High Court Judgment(15.6.16)


MC v Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation Trust--alleged substandard advice & care,blood loss,oxygen deprivation,cerebral palsy,claim fails--High Court Judgment(08.6.16)


DS v Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust--partial separation of placenta,emergency caesarian section,cerebral palsy,negligent delay in delivery by 3 minutes,claim fails--High Court Judgment(26.5.16)

Manzi v Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust--alleged failure to detect small piece of retained placenta on ultrasound,haemorrhage, adjustment disorder,poor record keeping,negligence claim fails--High Court Judgment(12.5.16)

BMA v GMC & Another--legality of rules governing procedure of panels, Article 6 breach,claim fails--High Court Judgment (04.5.16)


Spencer v Anderson--DNA testing after death for paternity verification--High Court Judgment(15.4.16)


Dr Michalak v GMC--employment tribunal has jurisdiction to determine complaints against qualification bodies under Equality Act 2010--Court of Appeal(23.3.16)


GMC v Dr Adeogba--refusal to participate in disciplinary process,appeal allowed--Court of Appeal Judgment(18.3.16)


The Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care v GMC and Dr Igwilo--appeal against finding fitness to practice not impaired despite falsification of documents,appeal succeeds--High Court Judgment (15.3.16)


Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust v Dr Chawla--gross misconduct,reasonableness of dismissal,MHPS, appeal allowed--EAT Judgment(08.1.16)


XYZ v Warrington & Halton NHS Foundation Trust--lumbar microdiscectomy, consent, somatoform disorder, secondary gain, alleged negligence, claim dismissed--High Court Judgment(22.2.16)


Long v Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust--alleged delayed diagnosis & treatment, negligence, claim dismissed--High Court Judgment(28.1.16)


Dr Ariyanayagam v GMC--unauthorised absences from work, dishonesty, erasure, appeal fails--High Court Judgment (25.1.16)


Medico-Legal Headlines 2002-2015