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Welcome to Medical-Journals.com

Since year 2000 we have been linking to medical journals from all over the world. Our uniquely arranged database lists both free and subscriber-only journals. Additionally, we archive the following: editorials from eleven leading journals, selected research papers, medico-legal articles and judgments from UK courts. Medical-Journals.com is UK based and not affiliated to any specific journal publisher. We have thousands of registered users. You can also find us by visiting www.medicaljournals.co.uk .To find out about all of the services we provide and how to find the information you need, please >> Read More



New Legal Highs--Not So New and Still Growing in Popularity FT


New Fresh Evidence Confirms Links Between Newer Contraceptive Pills and Higher Risk of VTE FT


New Radiation Recall and Woody Fibrosis FT


New British Journal of Psychiatry--May Highlights


New British Journal of Psychiatry--April Highlights


New Drug-Disease and Drug-Drug Interactions:Systematic Examination of 12 UK Clinical Guidelines FT


Myxoedema FT


Itching for a Diagnosis FT


Pyrexia of Unknown Origin FT


The Truth About Cash for Referrals FT


British Journal of Psychiatry--January 2015 Highlights


Testosterone Replacement Therapy FT


Increased Risk of Human Parvovirus B19 Infection in Day-Care Employees FT


British Journal of Psych--November Highlights


A Chilly Fever FT


Ebola--An Ongoing Crisis FT


British Journal of Psych--October Highlights


Night Shift Work at Specific Age Ranges and Chronic Disease Risk Factors abstract


The Integration of Mental and Physical Health Care FT


Treatment of Mycobaterium tuberculosis Infection:Time to Get a Move On? FT


Superior Vena Cava Syndrome FT


Discovery of High-Frequency Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment of Parkinson Disease FT


Paradigm Shift in Heart Failure Therapy FT


What is New in IVF? FT


British Journal of Psych--September Highlights


Prescribing Antibiotics: A Battle of Resistance FT


British Journal of Psych--August Highlights


The Epidemic of Pre-Diabetes:The Medicine and the Politics FT


Bilateral Wandering Lens in an Infant FT


British Journal of Psych--July Highlights FT


British Jr of Psych--June Highlights FT


Subperiosteal Bone Resorption FT


British Journal of Psych--May Higlights


Superficial Abdominal Reflex FT


Curing Chronic Hepatitis C--The Arc of a Medical Triumph FT 


Britihsh Journal of Psychiatry--April Highlights


Tonsillar Asymmetry from a Parotid Tumour FT


Deaths from "Legal Highs":A Problem of Definitions FT


Drug Treatment of Epilepsy in Adults FT


British Jr of Psych--March Highlights


Pancreatic Safety of Incretin-Based Drugs FT


British Journal of Ophthalmology--March Highlights


Change in Mental Health After Smoking Cessation FT


Postherpetic Neuralgia summary


Tripe Palms FT


Only Just the Beginning of the End of Hepatitis C FT


Researchers Probe the Aging Brain in Health and Disease FT


Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa FT


British Journal of Psych--January Highlights


Mom At Bedside,Appears Calm FT




General Headlines 2002-2013






New Liverpool Women's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust v Ronayne--secondary victim,adjustment disorder as opposed to PTSD, tortiously horrifying event,appeal allowed--Court of Appeal(17.6.15)


New Harman v East Kent Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust--negligent failure to diagnose catastrophically low blood sugar level upon birth, failure to reach milestones,diagnosis revealed incidentally,laibility admitted--High Court Judgment(11.6.15)


New ABC v St George's Healthcare NHS Trust & Others--failure to inform father's medical condition(Huntington's Disease),alleged negligence,confidentiality,no reasonably arguable duty of care--High Court Judgment(19.5.15)


New Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care v GMC & Dr Uppal--admitted dishonesty,misconduct, failure to issue warning was unduly lenient--High Court Judgment(14.5.15)


New Choudhury v South Central Ambulance Service NHS & Another--delay in taking to hospital,diagnosis and treatment, locked-in syndrome, claim fails--High Court Judgment(13.5.15)


New Griffiths v SoS for Health--tetraplegia following fall, wrongly assumed diagnosis of stroke, failure to immobilise neck,negligence--High Court Judgment(06.5.15)


New Spencer v Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust--failure to warn post-surgical risks,non-attendance of witnesses,post-Montgomery legal test in negligence--High Court Judgment(21.4.15)


New TZ v General Medical Council--erasure quashed, case referred to new panel,GMC to pay costs--High Court Judgment(17.4.15)


New Baker v Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust--alleged that amputation carried out negligently, fails on liability--High Court Judgment(17.4.15)


New Mrs A v East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust--failure to warn risk of chromosomal abnormality,material risk,claim fails--High Court Judgment(31.3.15)


Shorter v Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust--negligent interpretation of CT scan, subarachnoid haemorrhage, secondary victim, nervous shock--High Court Judgment(25.3.15)


Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board--failure to warn obstetric risk, maternal diabetes,shoulder dystocia, Bolam test inapposite--Supreme Court Judgment(11.3.15)


Baker & Ors v Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Fondation Trust--bipolar disorder, discharging back to GP, suicide, psychiatric injury,negligence claim fails--High Court Judgment(11.3.15)


Dr Lawrance vs GMC--erred in finding dishonesty,failure to invite to make representation,erasure excessive,foolishness,appeal succeeds--High Court Judgment(13.3.15)


Cooper & Another v Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust--uterine rupture,CVT, seizures,cardiac arrest,lack of consistent provision of heparin,liability established--High Court Judgment(13.3.15)


Mr Soni v General Medical Council--wrong to find dishonesty,decision to suspend quashed--High Court Judgment(25.2.15)


Mulholland v Medway NHS Foundation Trust--standard of care owed by A&E doctor,delayed diagnosis of brain tumour,claim dismissed--High Court Judgment(12.2.15)


Hogg v SoS for Health--septo-optic dysplasia,gestational age, alleged negligent amniocentesis,claim dismissed--High Court Judgment(12.2.15)


The Mental Health Trust & Ors v DD & Anor--mental capacity to litigate and make decisions regarding long-term contraception,best interest-Court of Protection Judgment(04.2.15)


Mr Al-Mishlab v Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust--exclusion from clinical practice, MHPS, alleged breach of contract, claim dismissed--High Court Judgment(02.2.15)


Webb v Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust--induced labour, Erb's palsy,failure to proceed to Caesarian section--High Court Judgment(28.1.15)


Dr Sarker v Wocestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust--injunction to restrain disciplinary hearing,application refused--High Court Judgment(29.1.15)


Border v Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust--risk of oedema after mammectomy & axillary clearance,inserting IV cannula without consent,breach of duty of care--Court of Appeal Judgment(21.1.15)


Chambers v HM Coroner for Preston and West Lancashire & Others--application for fresh inquest refused--High Court Judgment(14.1.15)



Medico-Legal Headlines 2002-2014